Using Zuken E3 Series software to create Formboards, HCI Systems are able to productionise the manufacturing process and repeatedly build 100% accurate wiring harnesses using Sealed System Raychem DR-25 with 55A or 55M wire and Automotive Technology Wiring Harnesses using Thin Wall PVC Wire and Braid and Conduit Protection Systems 


Using Zuken E3 Series software, HCI Systems are able to professionally design Automotive and Motorsport Electrical Wiring Systems as a design consultancy or for us to manufacture.


Our Quality Manual is certified to ISO9001:2015.

All Wiring Harnesses manufactured by us are inspected to the drawing before they are bagged ready for shipping.

Our Cirris Automated test equipment with 1920 test points ensures that the wiring harness is built to the pin out whether supplied by the customer or designed by HCI Systems. Our Quality Policy is printed on the 'About us' Page

Electronic Systems

We are approved distributors for Motec and HP Electronik.  We can sell separate components or within a Harness Package and can offer Mapping services for a full set up.

Our Services


Well, that's down to you really. But a lot of our customers do!  We do our best to ensure that you have the best Electrical Wiring Harness System required for the environment that it will be expected to survive.